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Poor Credit Car Finance

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Find the best loans for people with poor credit here at The Car Loan Centre!

If you have been declined elsewhere for car finance with a poor credit rating, we could help.

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Buy a Car with Poor Credit at The Car Loan Centre

If you have been frustrated with your credit history being poor and other lenders of car finance unable to help, we can change things for you. At The Car Loan Centre, we specialise in helping applicants who have a poor credit rating, meaning we can say ‘YES’ where many other lenders would decline your application.

How? Well, we want to see what your affordability is currently, rather than focus on your past. If you do have a poor credit history, don’t worry we know many lenders will heavily rely on what your credit score is, with a poor score in most cases negatively affecting the decision. With us, even if you have recently been declined elsewhere, we will still consider your application as do not use your credit score to influence our decision . Whether you have a poor credit history due to a build-up of arrears payments, defaults or even a CCJ against your name, we can still offer to help you.

Happy couple looking at laptop applying for poor credit car finance

All you have to do is fill in our request a callbackrequest a callback form now for a member of our team to call you back, or for a fast track decision, click Apply Now!

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Poor Credit Car Loans – How It Works

It can be difficult living with a poor credit rating, especially if you are looking to finance a new car. Many lenders are extremely cautious about lending to anyone with a less than excellent credit rating, but the reality is that many people will struggle to achieve a ‘perfect’ credit score.

At The Car Loan Centre, we are glad to work differently to many other car finance companies you would’ve found online. Whilst many use an automated decision process to filter only high scoring applicants for credit, we take a different approach.

Firstly, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Are a Current UK resident
  • You are employed full-time, part-time or self-employed
  • You hold a valid Full UK/EU Driving Licence

If you can say yes to the above, we would be happy to receive your application or enquiry for car finance even if you have a poor credit history. Whilst processing your application, we will assess your current affordability with the details you have provided. If we can see you can afford the loan amount you wish to borrow for the vehicle you want, we could approve your application for a poor credit car loan. So if you’re looking for car finance in Essex, Manchester or around the UK, get in touch today.

So if you wish to purchase a car with poor credit from our available stock,


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We can look past your poor credit history and look at what you can afford to pay in the here and now. Request a callbackRequest a callback today!

Poor Credit Car Finance FAQs...

As long as you are not currently bankrupt or about to file for bankruptcy, we can help you with poor credit car finance. We understand you may have had financial issues in the past, but as long as you can now show proven affordability for the loan amount you want and are now discharged from bankruptcy, we could help you.

Yes, through The Car Loan Centre you could! We have hundreds of available vehicles that are ready to be purchased through our poor credit car finance option. All you have to do is request a callback or browse and find the car you like the look of and apply. One of our team will then quickly get back to you to go through the full application process. Alternatively, if you want to get approval quickly, use our fast track option to get an agreement in principle.

We provide flexible repayment terms on our poor credit car finance and your monthly repayments will depend on the deposit amount you pay and the loan term, but as they are based on your affordability they will always fit your finances. Our sales consultants will be able to fully break down what repayments on the car you want will be. We tailor our car loans for people with poor credit so that you can get exactly what you want all while receiving manageable repayments.

Unlike many other finance companies, we do not require that you have a guarantor to apply for poor credit car loans. Generally, most finance companies will require a guarantor who has a good credit score if your own is poor. This is normally how they can offer poor credit loans, however with us, we do not need you to have a guarantor. If you want to apply for a joint loan through us you can, but it is not a requirement.

No lender can offer guaranteed approval for a loan, even if they say they can. We never use your credit score although we will need to perform a check of your credit file during the application process and assess your affordability accordingly. If you can meet our criteria there is a good chance we can approve your request for poor credit car finance, even if you have been declined elsewhere.

As well as specialist car finance, we also offer Logbook Loans if you have a vehicle and are looking to use it to secure a cash loan amount

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